Gotlandic Soul

"My artistery is my journey to discover myself, and my music is the treasures I find."

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Smooth live-music for

Concert, conference, restaurant, mingle, afterwork, wedding,

dinner and event. 

A Gotlandic craft that mixes the islands relaxed energy with warmth, groove and depth.

Fits incredibly well where people meet.

Gotlandic Soul

More than music

"Tony and I want to thank you for playing our wedding, du contriubted to an unforgettable day. ❤️❤️ You were amazing. All love to you ❤️"

- Susanne Edlund, just married

"The best thing about Princis is his way to adapt to the crowd every night"

- Lina, head chef, Snack Mat & Bad, Visby.

"Many thanks for tonight! Such a nice vibe you always create! It becomes so natural and fits the environment. Always very professional, humble and understanding!! Thank you!! 💕🙏"

- Magnus Warberg,

  in charge at Salthamn

"Both the kids and grown ups loved you. I become so calm from your voice."

- Emilia Lidholm, just married

A selection of customers:

Wisby Strand

Clarion Hotel Wisby

Hotel Ruth, Stockholm


Radio P4 Gotland

Birger Jarl, Stockholm

Salthamn, Gotland

Slite Strandbar, Gotland

Clarion Sign, Stockholm

Carlssons Restaurant, Fårö

Dalhem Bygdegård, Gotland

Novi Beach Club, Gotland

Vidhave/Snack Mat & Bad, Gotland

Rindi Studentkår, Gotland

...and a bunch of private events, weddings, restaurants etc...


Swedish Soul-pioneer Princis sees music as an opportunity to spread positivity and inspire growth. Influenced by artists such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer, his music is an ode to self-improvement and self-love.

“I hope that my music can make a positive difference for people.” Discussing his motivations to make music, he describes his values as an artist, "My artistry is my journey to discover myself and my music is the treasures I find."

Motivated by his own journey towards self-improvement, he relays his hopes of touching other people’s lives, “To use music to fill myself and other people with beautiful, strengthening messages and feelings. That is my dream.”

Princis has been selected twice for P4 Nästa, in 2016 with his debut song, "Life (Just Not Dying)" and in 2020 with his single "What's the hurry?". His debut album, “Jag Duger” was released in 2018, followed by several singles and two more albums, “it’s ok to take it slow” in 2021 and “Hemma” in 2022.

In 2021, he started a rap project, on which he released the album “From I to We” under the artist name Ecta.

The singer got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021.

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Princis is also an author

Jag & Du - edition 2


("Me & You" in Swedish.)

A book about relationships, written by father and son.

We, father and son, wanted to write a meaningful book about life the way we see it. How we meet others and our selves. How we bring out the best in each other through trustful conversations. In the genuine meeting magic can arise, if we truly listen to each other.

This book is about Me and You. It's playful and reflective. It contains experiences and food for thought. It got humour and seriousness. It's life, the way we see it.


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